Nissan Confirms New Z is Being Developed

The current generation Nissan Z car, the 370Z, has been around since 2009.  The 350Z, the model that the 370Z replaced, and honestly didn’t differ too much from was released in 2002.  Basically, more or less the Nissan Z car had not been majorly updated in sixteen years, the last major change being the switch from the 300ZX to the 350Z.  Truth be told, I have always loved the Z cars, and most recently while shopping for a new “fun car” I thought about the Z but found it difficult to shell out top dollar for an almost ten year old car with ten year old power and tech.  Unfortunately for the Z the price hasn’t really gone down at all but all of the cars around it have caught up thus providing much better fun factors for the money making it quite hard to sell the Z.  Basically, just like the Nissan Frontier, another Nissan car that is in long need of an overhaul, it is time to update the Z.

The rumors currently swirling the auto scene are that Nissan Senior Vice President for Global Design,  Alfonso Albaisa has confirmed that there is a new Z car in the works and that they would like to have something out by next year’s Tokyo Motor Show (October 2019) which just so happens to line up with the 50th Anniversary of the original Datsun 240Z.  Hopefully by then we get an actual release car rather than just a super far out concept that will never see the light of day.  This article will be updated as more news comes out.

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